FOR A SPECIAL MOMENT - lim.edition

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1. because of you
2. als ob
3. for a special moment
4. on the corner
5. careful
6. soulmates
7. little things
8. desintegrate
9. I hate to be in love
10. release
11. ich denke nicht
12. to hell and back CD-TRACKS:

001 - because of you (extended)
002 - for a special moment (Controlled Fusion - Voice Mix)
003 - because of you (F.O.D. - remix)
004 - Zeit zu leben (HeadLess - remix)
005 - ein wundervoller Tag (exklusiv)
006 - little things (Bobby Clarke - remix)
007 - als ob (Electric Nation - remix)
008 - to hell and back (Das Schwarze System Mix)
009 - free to leave (Love|less - remix)
010 - the other side (no budget video)
cover artwork by
Greg Rolfes

Info:The 3rd WAVE IN HEAD album comes as a limited 2-CD edition in its first pressing. The video on the limited edition CD was produced by Sven Zimmermann (Steam Productions).Best chart position at ADD´s weekly bestsellers:#2.

Comments : "... es is das beste, was ich an (neuerem) Synthiepop jemals gehört habe. " (Kommentar :Testhörer im VS-Forum),"...If an album makes me lose description, in this case, a description of emotion - then you can bet your hot patooties that the album is ^THAT^ good"(UltraElectro)
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