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Reviews describe WAVE IN HEAD as harmonic, infectious, very electric and in parts experimental, refer to a warm and pleasant voice that perfectly blends with the sound of sophisticated machine music. WAVE IN HEAD was founded as a one man project in 1993. Only member: Michael Pohl - grown up in east Germany. First influences were all kinds of electronic pop music of the 80ies. In 1999 the project achieved a state of development to be able to produce and distribute its first EP over the internet. The "rarely" EP was positively to euphoricly reviewed by several online music mags. The successor from the year 2000 - named "Criminal Ballad" wasn´t marketed publicly though as it was planned to be a promo for record labels. After a couple of sampler participations in 2000 there were a number of indie label offers. At the beginning of 2001 WAVE IN HEAD signed to A Different Drum - America´s synthpo label No.1 and "Time to Speak" - the official debut album - came out, followed by two singles: "Progress" and "I Began to Hope", followed by gigs at diffderent festivals in Germany and the USA with the help of other musicians, Michael was friends with. Meanwhile the number of albums has grown to 5 and a 6th is about to be finished by 2013. Beside the own productions WAVE IN HEAD did several remixes for as popular electronic acts as De\Vision or Real Life. Various collaborations with international bands and projects made for a permanent development of WAVE IN HEAD`s sound, which moves from the digital era towards analog sound esthetics, always in search for new expressions for the ups and downs in life. WAVE IN HEAD is often considered as a referee in the synthpop / electropop scene and can itself refer to a large number of enthusiastic press reviews. To be up to date about my activities, please have a look at the news-section, or (even better) subscribe to the news.